Little girl

Perfect Pedicure

Do you ever feel like you are torn in half when it comes to your kids?

For example:


This little girl decided to take apart the couches and build a pretend restaurant. Do you praise her for her creativity or yell at her for making a mess?

So the other day she took some finger nail polish home from grandma’s and decided to paint all over her doll house with it. We all just about choke to dead. Do you praise her for being artistic or get mad at her for ruining her toy?

She then decided to give me a pedicure while I was nursing the baby. I couldn’t really do anything but to let her do it.


Do you get annoyed or thank her for making your toes look pretty?

I sometime feel like I just can’t help myself but to get mad at her, but then you look at her cute, “innocent” face, you would instantly feel guilty and had to learn how to just take a second before loosing your temper. It’s proven that it’s hard to do, but I am trying to remind myself everyday to appreciate her being a kid.

I think I would  be more worry if she doesn’t make me feel helpless at least once a day!

By the way, the pedicure is perfect, and so is she. It doesn’t mean she is an angel 100% of the time. I think it would take all the fun out of being a parent if your kid behave like a robot: doing exactly what you want it to.