Little girl

Rice for dinner

So I made rice (and other things, although I have no problem of just having white rice as a meal) for dinner tonight, and little girl loves plain rice. She was sitting down to eat dinner, while I was on the computer finishing up some work. All in a sudden, she came running and yelled, “Mommy, I got rice all over me!”


Well, if you ever had rice, you would know how sticky rice could be and how hard it is to clean it off your hands and clothes. There is really no quick way to get rid of all the tiny sticky rice. If you know of a quick way, you can share with me!

So, I spent the next 10 mins trying to clean her up and gave up on whatever I was working on and finished my dinner.

No sooner I sat down, she came running and said, “I still got rice on me!” I just wanted to throw her into the washing machine and be done with it.14212541_10157453253780201_7308900747544847342_n

Oh well, I could only dream, but if there was a machine that could clean kids up with a push of a button, I would definitely buy it. Someone better start inventing it.

PS, she thought it was funny that she got rice all over herself.