Baby boy

Little boy is 4 months old

Warning: Naked pictures ahead!

It seems like forever ago that I gave birth to this boy, but then where did the time go that he is 4 months old already?


Thinking back the day that he was born, actually, let’s rewind it to a couple days before that.

It was Mother’s day. I started noticing my contraction was about 6 to 7 mins apart. I thought, it’s time. This little boy was going to be my mother’s day present this year. Well, we went into the hospital around mid-night, it was almost 24 hours since contractions started, and just to get told, YOU ARE ONLY AT 2 CM. Needless to say, we got set home.

I barely had anything to eat or to drink because the contractions were so frequent that I just didn’t want to eat or drink. We feared that we would get sent home again, so we waited almost another 24 hours to go to the hospital. By that time I was in labor for almost 2 full days, and I was simply extenuated. They checked me, and said, “well,  you are at a 4, you are staying”. I was relieved to hear that, but at the same time, I thought what the heck? only at a 4 after a whole two days?!

I planned on going natural, but since I literally had no food in my system, and no sleep in two days, I gave in to epidural. It was nice that I didn’t feel the pain, but I wouldn’t say it was completely comfortable. I tired to get some sleep before the big moment.

I was then told, you are in active labor now, so you should see your baby in a few hours. Boy were they wrong! After 4 hours of admitting to the hospital, I was still at a 4. So I was induced. They needed to monitor me closely because I had a C-section.

In the morning of May 10th, I was told that my dilation was too slow, and I might need a C-section, because they broke my water over 10 hours ago, and baby got kind of distressed every time I had a contraction.

Finally around 1 pm. I was told that I was finally at a 10, and should be ready to push. I pushed for 2 hours hard, and baby boy just wouldn’t want to move. They kept saying I might need a C-section because baby was distressed, and I was having a fever, so they were afraid that baby would be infected. Another option was that we could try forceps, but the doctor wasn’t sure if that would work because baby’s head was still too high.

We finally decided we would used forceps. With that and the final two pushes, baby boy was here! Whole 9 lbs and 3 oz!


Recovery was hard, I was tore from front to back. No one told me that I would not be able to sit or control my bladder. I thought I was damaged for good, I got a little depressed because of that. After about 2 months, I finally feel somewhat normal again.

Now, it’s 4 months in. I would say I am about 99% normal. Although it was hard, at least for me, I would say it’s well worth it for this little face.

This boy is hungry all the time, I feel like the only thing I have been doing the past 4 months is to nurse him. He is healthy and strong. He basically won’t sit still. He gets excited very easily, and kick his legs non-stop when he does. He talks a lot and usually has big smiles especially when we talk to him. However, when he is hungry, he would tell you off. I am so thankful that he is a perfectly healthy baby. There is nothing I want more than the health of my babies!

His big sister loves him very much and wouldn’t leave him alone. I just wish that they would become best friends when they grow up and always have each other to rely on no matter how far life take them apart.

Happy 4 months old, little guy. Mommy loves you!


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