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Scientist in the making

A lot has been going on lately.

It was my birthday last Wednesday, we didn’t do anything fancy, just a little dinner and cake and ice-cream with families.

I got two presents from my kids.

First, I took my baby to his 4 months well check that day. He got 3 shots and was sleeping peacefully afterward.14333754_10157525929435201_1340415188493448999_n

Second, my sweet girl gave me this coloring page:14291770_10157526343485201_5134271652071743808_n

What’s so special about this you ask? Well, as the free spirit that she is, she usually doesn’t do her coloring page following any line (which I don’t really care because I don’t want to limit her creativity). However, she colored within the lines just for my birthday!

On to the not so fun stuff.

Constructions have been going on literally in our front yard. We basically had to use 4 wheel drive to get into our driveway, at least little girl thought it  was fun off roading.


This makes a napless baby. If you know what I meant! Napless baby = NO SLEEP AT NIGHT FOR MOMMY AND BABY!14370362_10157539916130201_7862115844029905838_n14291644_10157518057930201_1858912223401377777_n

He is still so cute though regardless.

It also has been an eventful week for my 4 year old (and Mommy).

#1 We went to the Mcdonalds play place and there was a black guy. She burst out saying (pretty loudly), Mommy, daddy said not to trust black guys. I instantly told her not to say that. Then she said, Why Mommy, but daddy said not to trust black guys while pointing AT the black guy………14344142_10157527117300201_1501127479236439848_n

(Disclaimers: My husband never said that. She just took something he said out of context.)

#2 She has been learning about the solar system in preschool. When we were driving home, she asked, Mommy if the earth is going round and round and round, why do we not feel dizzy? What a good thinker! I seriously was shocked by that and forgot the answer!14322518_10157536128170201_573469275920656411_n

#3 Since she has been learning so much about the solar system, she wanted to see the solar system. I am not as smart as she is, so I had a hard time explaining to her that we can’t actually SEE the solar system. However, I said you could probably become an astronaut and go into space. So her career goal changed from becoming a doctor, to an astronaut, Rapunzel, and spiderman. She said, “I want to be so many things!”. Oh, and construction worker, because digging in the mud with heavy equipment looks really fun.

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#4 We went to her preschool field trip to the BYU planetarium yesterday. They were showing some silly things at the beginning, like what belongs and don’t belong to the sky. Then she asked me, “Mommy, when are they going to show the planets?” You know, she meant, come on, we are here to see planets, not silly things!

After the show, I asked her if she wanted to take a picture with the planets on the wall. She said I WANT to take pictures OF the planets, so she did.


I basically had to force her to stand in front of the wall so I could snap a picture to prove that we were there.


Bonus video: Baby brother is helpless sometimes with a crazy big sister.


Little girl

Little girl learning to be a mechanic

My husband is in the process of fixing up a military truck m37. You could go to his Facebook page and check out his progress if you are interested.

Anyway, the above video was taken when daddy was explaining something to her, and she was eager to try. She has a lot of interests and is curious about many things. There really isn’t a single thing that she doesn’t take interest in . I am glad about that on one hand, but on the other hand, I sometimes feel like I can’t take one more “Why” from her.

Just the other day, she was listening to a song about Mount Rushmore, and the lyric mentioned George Washington. So she asked me who George Washington was. I told her it was the first president of the United States. She then wanted me to show her pictures of George Washington. Then she asked me where is George Washington. I said he is dead. Then she asked me why did he die? I first said because he was old. Then I realized I actually didn’t know how he died, so I looked it up for her, and if you are interested here is an article about his death.

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That wasn’t the end of it, she then asked me where United States is. I said we are in the United States, and I show her the world map and pointed to her where China and Hong Kong are. I told her that’s where Gong Gong and Po Po (maternal grandparents, and yes, in Chinese, we distinguish paternal and maternal grandparents)are.

Then she asked me if they were coming back to the States, I told her not for a long while. She was upset because she misses them. I told her maybe we could take a trip there, and we would need to go on a plane. Then……

Anyway, here are some pictures of her modeling for the m37, and pretend to drive it.


Little girl

Perfect Pedicure

Do you ever feel like you are torn in half when it comes to your kids?

For example:


This little girl decided to take apart the couches and build a pretend restaurant. Do you praise her for her creativity or yell at her for making a mess?

So the other day she took some finger nail polish home from grandma’s and decided to paint all over her doll house with it. We all just about choke to dead. Do you praise her for being artistic or get mad at her for ruining her toy?

She then decided to give me a pedicure while I was nursing the baby. I couldn’t really do anything but to let her do it.


Do you get annoyed or thank her for making your toes look pretty?

I sometime feel like I just can’t help myself but to get mad at her, but then you look at her cute, “innocent” face, you would instantly feel guilty and had to learn how to just take a second before loosing your temper. It’s proven that it’s hard to do, but I am trying to remind myself everyday to appreciate her being a kid.

I think I would  be more worry if she doesn’t make me feel helpless at least once a day!

By the way, the pedicure is perfect, and so is she. It doesn’t mean she is an angel 100% of the time. I think it would take all the fun out of being a parent if your kid behave like a robot: doing exactly what you want it to.

Little girl

Second day of school

Well, I feel like an awesome mom today, NOT!

I totally forgot that there was a first day of preschool on Monday. So here we are the picture of 2nd day of preschool.

Little girl has been going to preschool 20160831_084730since she was two. This will be her 3rd and last year going to preschool. Next year, she will be in kindergarten. What?! Time flies. My 4 year old is definitely not a baby anymore, but she will always be my baby in my heart.

I have been thinking about if we should put her into language immersion program. We have one more year to decide. It’s kind of a hard decision for me. All the Chinese immersion programs are for Mandarin Chinese, but my native language is Cantonese. I wanted her to learn Cantonese rather than Mandarin.

It’s hard for me to teach her Cantonese alone (mainly because I am lazy about it, again, what an awesome mom!). If she were in the Cantonese immersion, it would give me and her more chance to communicate in Cantonese (I can hear my husband say, “we will see”).

Anyway, time to get some work done, oh, maybe not: the baby is crying for milk!

Yes, Spider-man is her favorite. She plans on being Spider-man this Halloween.

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