Post Pregnancy Weight loss Journey

I got 7 hours of sleep

Fitbit told me I had almost 7 hours of sleep last night, it’s a WIN! I haven’t have this much sleep for forever.

14233061_10157473522615201_282362489627258330_n (1)

I got the Fitbit for a discount price from work. I am usually not big on keeping fit or doing exercise. However, I can’t seem to be able to get rid of this second post pregnancy weight.

Well, I am guilty about that one, I really haven’t done anything to try to loss the weight. You know, I didn’t exactly feel somewhat normal until after 2 months postpartum. To tell you the truth, as of now, almost 4 months later, I still don’t feel 100%.

BUT, I am feeling much better, and the baby doesn’t need me every hour of the day and night anymore (well most of the time).

Would you just look at this cute boy?

Sorry, I got distracted by this sweet face.

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I am starting to have the energy to feel like I need to do something about my weight. So that’s the whole Fitbit thing comes in. I am keeping track of my steps, my sleep, and my diet. So far, I haven’t once met the 10,000 steps goal in a day. I got close today at 7728 steps. Well, considering my average has been 3500…..

This is the one I got, because it was the cheapest one, hahaha! My goal is to loss 20 lbs. Hopefully, it won’t take a year.

8 thoughts on “I got 7 hours of sleep

  1. Ah it’s so good when you get 6 or 7 hours sleep – especially if it’s uninterrupted!! I got 6 hours straight last night which was WONDERFUL. Good luck with getting fit and losing weight – I think I probably need to get serious about that too,9 months after giving birth I’ve still got lots to lose. But I just love food so much 😂 Ellen

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  2. My childrearing days are done. My baby is 14 and with her dad (long story). However, motherhood is great with all its challenges. The challenges change as they grow. Children tend to help you develop in certain ares. Of course, it’s based on each of us as individuals. Enjoy each step and I will follow along. Enjoyed the post. I remember when 7 hours of sleep was a luxury. I feel where you are.

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